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   Jan 01

New Year’s Golf Resolution 1 – Golf Physical Fitness Training

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope 2012 will be a happy, healthy and prosperous year with plenty of great golfing for you and me! Fix Your Golf Swing – Satisfaction Guaranteed ! As the old year draws to a close I like to think back and reflect on what I have learned during the […]

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   Dec 17

The Self-Adjusting Golf Swing Plane – Automatically Swing On-Plane Every Time

What is “swing plane” and why is it important? If you’ve never heard of the concept of swing plane, you might find it difficult at first to get your head around the idea. Imagine the path taken by your different clubs as you swing. The path taken by the driver (longest club in your bag) […]

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   Dec 10

The Perfect Golf Swing – Chipping Tip 1: How to Chip a Golf Ball

How to Break 90 – Guaranteed! The following article is presented with permission from PurePoint Golf. Chipping : How to Chip a Golf Ball An article by: Bobby Eldridge How to Chip a Golf Ball If you can not putt a golf ball because of irregular terrain or longer grass just off the edge of […]

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   Nov 19

The Presidents Cup Golf 2011 – Bill Haas and Hunter Mahan: Team Mates and Competitors

The third day of the The Presidents Cup 2011 found Bill Haas and Hunter Mahan teamed together against Aaron Baddeley and Jason Day in a an exciting four-ball match. Fix Your Golf Swing – Satisfaction Guaranteed ! On the 17th hole, Mahan’s long putt dropped in to win the match 2 up with one hole […]

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   Sep 25

How Bill Haas Won the 2011 Tour Championship by Coca Cola

Bill Haas and Hunter Mahan finished regulation play in the Tour Championship tied for first. They went into a sudden death playoff. Haas managd to stay alive on the second playoff hole with an incredible lob out of the water that rose above the high embankment and aome down on the green with enough spin […]

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   Sep 24

How Aaron Baddeley Tied for First in Rnd 3 – Tour Championship Coca Cola 2011

At the end of round 3 of the 2011 Tour Championship Coca Cola, two players were tied at the top of the leader board — Aaron Baddeley and Hunter Mahan. Baddeley, who holds dual American/Autralian citizenships, won the Northern Trust Open earlier this year. Mahan’s best finish this year was 2nd at the AT&T Pebble […]

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   Sep 13

Zen Golf Plus Full Swing – The Perfect Team to Fix Your Golf Swing

The game of golf is as much mental as it is physical. That’s why two of the best golf instructors in the business teamed up to teach you how to improve both your mental and your physical game — at the same time. Bobby Eldridge is a respected and effective teacher of players at all […]

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   Sep 11

Zen Golf – Focus on the Moment

I think Zen Golf is one the best golf books available on the mental game of golf. In a recent book review of Zen Golf, I pointed out how the author Dr. Joseph Parent, combines his extensive teaching backgrounds in psychology, Buddhism, and motivation and applies them to the mental game of golf. Dr. Parent […]

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   Sep 10

Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game by Dr. Joseph Parent – Book Review

It is often said that the game golf is all about 4 things: mental game, golf swing, golf clubs and course management. I would put mental game first on that list. Many golfers, including Vijay Singh regard Zen Golf as the best book written on the mental game. Its author, Dr. Joseph Parent is a […]

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   Sep 04

How to Determine Golf Shot Distance

How do you determine how far you are from your target? There are many times when playing a round of golf that it would be helpful to know exactly how far you need to hit your golf ball in order to reach your target. Knowing the exact yardage will enable you to make a better […]

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