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   Jun 03

Tiger Woods Wins 2012 Memorial Tournament as Levin and Sabbatini Collapse

Today’s final round of the Memorial Tournament by Nationwide had all the excitement and drama of an old Tiger Woods winning charge — except that it was the new Tiger Woods. Precision Short Game – Satisfaction Guaranteed! Tiger vaulted to the lead by holing a lob pitch shot from off the 15th green for a […]

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   Oct 22

Will Jay Haas, Jr become another Haas PGA Pro?

Bill Haas, son of PGA winner Jay Haas, may win the PGA Tour Player of the Year award for 2011. Bill’s amazing finish at the Tour Championship 2011 by Coca Cola at East Lake GC, Atlanta where he hit his now-famous water shot will be a lasting legend in the annals of PGA history. Short […]

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   Oct 20

Golf Drills That Sharpen Your Short Game

A golf drill is first and foremost a learning exercise. It teaches specific golf techniques through repetition, sometimes using training aids but most often by concentrating on one aspect of a good golf swing at a time. A good golf drill develops good swing habits. Short Game Drills = Lower Golf Score Guaranteed! Golf drills […]

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   Oct 15

Perfect Bunker Shot — Difference Between a Bunker Wedge Shot and a Fairway Wedge Shot

What’s the biggest difference between a bunker shot on soft sand and a pitch shot from the fairway? For a fairway pitch shot you want to strike the ball with a downward stroke before the bottom of your downswing. The loft of the wedge will send the ball upward with just the right height and […]

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   Oct 14

Bill Haas’ Amazing Water Shot – What Golf Club Did He Use?

When Bill Haas stepped into the water hazard next to the green on the 17th hole of the Tour Championship at East Lake CG, Atlanta Georgia, he carried with him his Titleist Vokey Spin Milled Wedge. Precision Pitching – Guaranteed! His ball had rolled over the green, down the bank and into the shallow edge […]

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   Oct 08

Short Game Drills to Master the Short Game of Golf

You’re 75 yards from the pin. There’s absolutely nothing between you and the hole. All you have to do is get your ball 3 to 5 feet from the pin and — kerplunk — your next shot is a putt into the center of the hole. A birdie! This is the short game of golf […]

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   Oct 06

Short Game Secrets For Consistent and Accurate Chipping and Pitching

Master the short game and you will lower your golf score. Touring golf pros almost never hit 100 percent of the greens in regulation. They rely on their short game skills to make par or better on these holes. Short Game Secrets = Lower Golf Score Guaranteed! In fact pros spend more practice time on […]

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   Aug 22

Perfect Pitch Shot – How to Choose the Right Pitching Wedge

When you want a golf shot that goes high into the air and then lands and stops after a short roll, the wedge is usually the club of choice. A wedge gives you more “air time” and less roll. In today’s golf world, there is a bewildering variety of different wedges to choose from. Precision […]

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   Jun 25

Precision Pitching and Chipping – Difference Between Pitch and Chip Golf Shots

Now that you’ve reached the vicinity of the green, your goal for the next shot should be to get within (hopefully) 3 feet of the pin. Whether you should use a pitch shot or a chip shot depends on the location of your ball and what lies between your ball and the pin. What’s the […]

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