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   Nov 03

Golf Grip Excercises That Increase Hand Strength and Reduce Golf Injuries

Does your golf exercise routine include hand exercises? If not, they should. Some of your body’s most important muscles in a golf swing are in your hands, fingers, wrists and arms. Hand exercises that strengthen these muscles give you a stronger golf grip for better control and longer golf shots. Try the #1 Golf Instructional […]

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   Jun 02

How Fred Couples’ Back Injury Affects His Golf Game

Did you watch The Masters Golf 2011? Fifty-one-year-old Fred Couples, despite his history of injuries, finished in a tie for fifteenth place at four under — with a 72-round score of 284. He had 12 birdies. At 5 feet eleven inches tall and weighing in at 185 pounds, Fred shows that you do not have […]

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   May 19

Avoid Golf Injuries – Enjoy Injury-Free Golf

Tiger Woods limped off The Players Championship 2011 after he aggravated his injured knee and Achilles tendon. Doctors told him to rest, get cold-water therapy and soft tissue treatment. Then it’s rehab time for Tiger as he strengthens his leg in preparation for the U.S. Open. Fix Your Golf Swing – Satisfaction Guaranteed It wasn’t […]

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   Apr 26

Golf Fitness Tip: Increase Flexibility of Lower Body

For a vivid demonstration of how body flexibility looks in a perfect golf swing, look no further than The Masters Golf 2011. Young golfers like Charl Schwartzel and Rory McIlroy showed how body flexibility and strength can produce championship golf shots. If you want to improve your own golf game, concentrate on exercises that improve […]

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   Apr 24

Golf Fitness Tip – Golf Knee Injuries: Take Care of Your Knees

Golfers beware: Take care of your knees Injury to the knee is the second1 most prevalent category of golf-related joint problems among golfers. A good golf swing doesn’t come naturally. The rotation of your hips in your downswing and follow-through while keeping your your left foot stationary causes a twisting of the left knee. Picture […]

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   Mar 26

Golf Fitness Tip — Strengthen Core Muscles

A good golf swing involves a rotating movement by the core of your body — stretching and contracting a whole set of muscles. It is not a movement that we normally do during our everyday activities. Core muscles include sets of muscles in the back, the area around the hips, the abs and the buttocks. […]

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   Mar 24

Golf Fitness Tip – Warm Up to Improve Your Game and Prevent Injury

One of the pleasures of being a golf enthusiast is watching top players perform in golf tournaments. A few years ago I was following Freddy Couples on TV. Suddenly his back flared up and he took time out and laid flat on the ground for a while. I admire Couples for how he is able […]

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