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   Jun 03

Tiger Woods Wins 2012 Memorial Tournament as Levin and Sabbatini Collapse

Today’s final round of the Memorial Tournament by Nationwide had all the excitement and drama of an old Tiger Woods winning charge — except that it was the new Tiger Woods. Precision Short Game – Satisfaction Guaranteed! Tiger vaulted to the lead by holing a lob pitch shot from off the 15th green for a […]

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   May 29

Senior Golfers – How to Lower Your Golf Score and Avoid Injuries

If you consider yourself a “senior golfer” and you are looking for tips that will help your golf game, this article is for you. Senior Golfers: Lower Your Golf Score – Guaranteed! Remember when you were younger and felt that your body was in better shape that it is now? Perhaps you have some stiffness […]

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   Mar 08

Golf Fitness – How to Strengthen Your Wrists and Forearms for a Perfect Golf Swing

Why is wrist strength essential for a perfect golf swing? How to Break 90 – Guaranteed! Picture this: when you are in a full golf swing, your clubhead is moving up to 100 miles an hour in an arc around your spine. At that speed the clubhead is exerting a strong force away from your […]

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   Feb 18

The Perfect Golf Swing – 4 Secrets to Longer Golf Drives

Corey Lundberg, a teaching pro with PurePoint Golf reminds us the average sized players can hit long drives and uses the Long Drive Championship to make his point. Maximum Distance – Satisfaction Guaranteed! Canadian Jamie Sadlowski, winner of the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship in 2008 and 2009, stands 5′ 10″ tall and weighs 168 […]

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   Jan 19

Golf Stretching Exercises Reduce Injuries, Improve Golf Swings and Extend Golf Careers

The perfect golf swing is complex set of movements involving all parts of your body. The golf swing is not a normal movement, and it stretches muscles and tendons in ways that are not part of your normal daily routine. Fix Your Golf Swing – Satisfaction Guaranteed ! That is why stretching exercises are so […]

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   Jan 03

New Year’s Golf Resolution 2 – Golf Mental Fitness Training

As the New Year 2012 begins I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone the very best of good wishes. May 2012 be a healthy, happy and prosperous year with great golfing to come! Fix Your Golf Swing – Satisfaction Guaranteed ! As the old year draws to a close I like to think […]

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   Dec 20

Golf Fitness – How to Prevent Golf Shoulder Injuries

According to Dr. David D. Nedeff, M.D. the shoulder is the fourth most common injury in golfers (after the elbow, wrist and low back). Not only is a shoulder injury painful, it can stop you from playing golf for a long time while you rehab. Fix Your Golf Swing – Satisfaction Guaranteed ! The golf […]

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   Nov 15

The Perfect Golf Swing – Proper Care and Use of Your Golf Knees

How a player uses his or her knees in a golf swing can make or break a golf shot. Knees are also vulnerable to injury while playing golf, due to excessive twisting during a hard swing, crouching down to read a putt, and the constant flexing required in the golf swing. Try the #1 Golf […]

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   Nov 06

Tiger Woods Golf Fitness – What Can Average Golfers Learn from Tiger’s Fitness Training?

Few PGA Tour players are as dedicated to golf fitness training as Tiger Woods. Whether you watch him in a Tour event in person or on TV, you can’t help but be impressed by his physical strength and endurance. His golf swing is legendary — notwithstanding his recent swing change, Fix Your Golf Swing – […]

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   Nov 05

Golf Fitness Exercises – Use Resistance Bands to Build Core Strength

Golf fitness training should be part of every golfer’s life — for many reasons: Fix Your Golf Swing – Satisfaction Guaranteed Emulate PGA Tour golfers. Golf fitness training has become an important part of the life of PGA Tour players. They train for because it makes them better players. When we emulate them we develop […]

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