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Fix My Golf Swing

   Mar 08

About Me

I’m John Janson and I want to help you fix your golf swing.

Golf has been a big part of my life ever since I first caddied as a young boy. I was fascinated with game of golf — the camaraderie among the players, the sort of gentile etiquette and courtesy that goes with the game, the beautifully manicured greens and scenic fairways, and the splendid silence and hush . . . as a player is getting ready to stroke his or her ball.

I love the excitement of competitive golf and the rich history of the players, top tournaments and great golf courses.

Most of all I enjoy just playing the game with family members and friends. I like it best when my swing is in the groove and my ball responds with a fine golf shot.  Great golf shot = Satisfaction!

My golf mentor was my grandfather. I still have that golf ball that he used years ago when he got a hole-in-one. It is inscribed with the names of his playing partners. He introduced me to the game and gave me my first clubs. I continued playing through high school and college. I have read many golf books, and shagged many a practice golf shot. I have taken golf lessons and gotten advice from friends. I watch a lot of golf on TV, carefully noting the golf swing of each player. I have scoured the Internet looking for the best advice on the perfect golf swing.

I am convinced that a great golf swing is essential for a great golf game.

My swing is not perfect. I am always looking to improve, trying to fix my golf swing.

I want to share with you what I have learned.

John Janson

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