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Bogies Galore in Third Round of FedEx St. Jude Classic Golf Tournament – Davis Love III Tied for Lead with Nick O’Hearn and John Merrick

   Jun 09

Bogies Galore in Third Round of FedEx St. Jude Classic Golf Tournament – Davis Love III Tied for Lead with Nick O’Hearn and John Merrick

The weather in Memphis, site of the FedEx St. Jude Classic Golf Tournament seemed perfect — except for swirling winds. That put a premium on the experience of 48-year old Davis Love III as he rarely teed of with a driver. Even so, Davis’ driving distance average for round three was 307.3 yards (putting him in 5th place in driving distance).

He was tied for 10th in greens in regulation for the three rounds. His other stats were not in the top ten, except for number of birdies (13 birdies tying him for 3rd place) and of course the stat that matters most: his low total score of 204. tying him with Nick O’Hearn and John Merrick.

Bogies galore in the third round of the FedEx St. Jude Classic

Here’s a look at number of bogies or double-bogies by players tied for first (204) or second (205 at the end of three rounds of play.

  • Nick O’Hearn (third round score 204) — 1 bogie
  • Davis Love III (204) — 1 bogie
  • John Merrick (204) — 2 bogies
  • Dustin Johnson (205) — 1 bogie
  • Robert Allenby (205) — 1 bogie
  • Kevin Kisner (205) — 5 bogies
  • Chad Campbell (205) — 3 bogies
  • Kevin Stadler (205) — 2 bogies, 1 double-bogie
  • Rory McIlroy (205) — 6 bogies

Look at Davis Love III — age 48, experienced tour pro

Look at Rory McIlroy — age 23, world’s number two-ranked players. Six bogies!

Rory said in his post-round-3 interview, “It was a tough day….It was testing out there, tough conditions and the wind was sort of swirling all over the place and made things tricky.”

Compare Rory’s play with Davis Love III. Rory is number one in driving distance (averaging 321.5 yards). Davis was 5th (averaging 307.3 yards). In the third round they were even closer — Rory: 309 yards; Davis: 310 yards. But Davis’ drives were more accurate: Davis: 57% of fairways hit; Rory: 43% of fairways hit.

In my opinion, chalk that difference to the long experience of Davis Love III compared with Rory, who burst on the world golf scene with his win at the U.S. Open last year.

But look at Rory’s golf swing. It’s magnificent. If he can get his putting in the zone tomorrow, expect Rory to be at the top of the leaderboard and win the FedEx St. Jude Class.

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