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2012 Memorial Tournament by Nationwide – Precision Putting Makes All the Difference

   Jun 02

2012 Memorial Tournament by Nationwide – Precision Putting Makes All the Difference

After three rounds of the 2012 Memorial Tournament by Nationwide the best putting player sits atop the leaderboard — Spencer Levin.

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Spencer is second in strokes gained putting (2.292), first in putts per round (averaging 24.3) and first in putts per greens in regulation (1.536). His precision putting overcame his lack of accuracy in approach shots — he was tied for 65th in greens in regulation (GIR).

Contrast Spencer’s performance with that of Tiger Woods, who is only 4 strokes off the lead. It’s good to see Tiger in the hunt again — it creates more excitement and drama. Tiger was tied for first in greens in regulation (72.2%) but he was 58th in strokes gained putting, If Tiger had managed to sink more putts, he would be in the lead.

Precision putting wins golf tournaments

The contrast between Spencer and Tiger at the end of three rounds shows, once again, that precision putting makes all the difference. What will happen tomorrow? Will Spencer Levin overcome the pressure of leading in the final round? Will he at last win his first PGA Championship?

Or will Tiger Woods find his putting stroke and overcome that four-shot deficit to win? I’ll be watching closely tomorrow to see the outcome.

Precision Putting DVD

To play par golf, two putts are assumed for each of eighteen holes. That’s 36 putts if each green is hit in regulation. Of course there may be birdies by one-putting holes. But there may be bogies also by three-putting.

Putting is critical to winning championships.

Precision putting is also the easiest way to lower your golf scores. Most typical golfers don’t spend enough time practicing their putting.

It seems so easy.

Yet precision putting demands top concentration, good reads, good feel and good putting strokes.

That’s why Bobby Eldridge top golf pro at PurePoint Golf, offers the Precision Putting DVD.

Having taught tens of thousands of golfers how to improve their golf game using the methods he teaches at PurePoint, Bobby has developed a keen sense of what works for the typical player.

Let Precision Putting be your guide to sharpening your putting game. Take the DVD with you on holiday or vacation trips, or even business trips. Let Bobby lead your through the steps to an effective and consistent putting stroke.

Use the discounted products that you can get with Precision Putting to reinforce what is taught in the DVD.

Putt well, enjoy golf more,
John Janson

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