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The Perfect Golf Swing – How to Aim with Precision Before Striking the Golf Ball

   May 31

The Perfect Golf Swing – How to Aim with Precision Before Striking the Golf Ball

Ready, aim, fire! Remember those old words from childhood play — or military training? They are true in golf as well. Today I want to talk about “aim.”

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It seems so obvious. You must aim for your target in order to send your ball to the target. But how?

The spare golf club aiming alignment method

Stand behind your ball position and visualize your target line. Take a spare golf club and lay it on the ground pointing along your target line.

Now step up to the club and place your toes against the club shoulder width apart. Your feet are now perfectly aimed along your target line.

The Set Right aiming alignment method

The problem with the golf stick aiming method is that it doesn’t tell you exactly where to place your ball so that you will hit it squarely along the target line.

That’s where the Set Right golf training aid comes in.

The teaching pros at PurePoint Golf have come up with a simple device that snaps onto the shaft of your club. Now take that spare club and snap on the other side of the device, perpendicular to the club in your hands.

Now when you address the ball place your feet so that the “aiming club” points precisely to your target. Bobby Eldridge, top pro at PurePoint Golf recommends that you practice Full Swing Drills at the practice range using the Set Right training aid.

It virtually assures that your feet, your ball and your target line are all in perfect position. After practicing with Set Right, your instinct for proper aiming will come naturally, because Set Right has ingrained into your mind and muscles the feel of proper alignment.

Set Right costs just $19.05. And PurePoint guarantees your satisfaction or your money back.

If you don’t take aim properly, your ball will not be on target. If you want to be on target, you should take advantage of this handy tool and technique for aim-training.

The advantage of Set Right is that you can keep in your golf bag and pull it out at the practice range just before your go to the fist tee. Use it to refresh your aiming “sense” and keep your balls on target.

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Ready, aim, fire!
John Janson

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