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Senior Golfers – How to Lower Your Golf Score and Avoid Injuries

   May 29

Senior Golfers – How to Lower Your Golf Score and Avoid Injuries

If you consider yourself a “senior golfer” and you are looking for tips that will help your golf game, this article is for you.

Senior Golfers: Lower Your Golf Score – Guaranteed!

Remember when you were younger and felt that your body was in better shape that it is now? Perhaps you have some stiffness around your joints. You think you’ve lost some of that endurance that you used to feel when you played golf? Read on.

Importance of warm-up exercises

It’s a fact that seniors are more likely to injure themselves when engaging in physical activity. When we age our muscles lose their elasticity. In a golf swing a large amount of torque is built up when your turn your hips and shoulders while keeping your legs fairly stationary. This stretches a number of muscle groups which, if tight, can pull or tear.

It is really important for senior golfers to loosen up and gently stretch those muscles prior to a round of golf. That way the possibility of injury from pulls and tears is reduced.

Better yet, practice stretching exercises at home in addition to warm ups before your golf game. You’ll be glad you did. You’ll feel better, your golf swing will feel better and you’ll be less prone to injury.

In addition to golf fitness exercises there are other things that seniors can do to lower their golf score.

7 tips for senior golfers

Golf is the ideal sport for seniors. It’s a game that literally can played all your life. Many seniors have the time and interest to enjoy rounds of golf.

Camaraderie, beautiful landscapes, competition, skill, fun — there are many ways to describe the golf experience. These can all be enjoyed by senior golfers.

That is why Bobby Eldridge, top golf instructor at PurePoint Golf, designed this golf swing DVD especially for Seniors.

In the Seniors DVD, Bobby reveals the secrets of successful senior golf. Because of his extensive experience working with golfers of all ages, he know what works best for seniors.

He talks about the important role of “compensation” in a senior golf swing. You can compensate for lack of distance, for example, by better ball-striking.

Here are 7 tips for seniors that Bobby describes in detail. There’s lots, lots more about how seniors can play better golf in his Seniors DVD.

  1. Avoid the single most common posture mistake made by senior golfers.
  2. Seniors playing with old irons may be swinging excess weight.
  3. Many seniors have played better with graphite shafts.
  4. Players with arthritis in their hands can reduce pain by changing to a arthritis-friendly golf grip.
  5. Newer hybrid clubs are easier and more accurate for senior golfers.
  6. How seniors can increase their downswing speed.
  7. Even the type of ball seniors use can make favorable difference in seniors’ golf shots.

Bobby is serious when he says that if you are a senior “you can play the best golf of your life.”

Let the Seniors DVD be your guide to a successful senior golf game. Let the free bonuses that come with DVD provide you with all the tools you need to lower your golf score.

Don’t let age keep you from great golf,
John Janson

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