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The Perfect Golf Swing – 4 Secrets to Longer Golf Drives

   Feb 18

The Perfect Golf Swing – 4 Secrets to Longer Golf Drives

Corey Lundberg, a teaching pro with PurePoint Golf reminds us the average sized players can hit long drives and uses the Long Drive Championship to make his point.

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Canadian Jamie Sadlowski, winner of the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship in 2008 and 2009, stands 5′ 10″ tall and weighs 168 pounds. As of 2011 he has a personal best drive of 445 yards, according to Wikipedia.

Long Drive Secret #1 — golf fitness for flexibility and strength

Sadlowski says that the secret behind his unusually long drive is because of his intensive cardio workouts and flexibility exercises and to “think swing fast and not hard.”

Art Selliner says, “Jamie has been given a gift of hinges and levers” — The hinges are his shoulders, the levers are his wrists. The rotation of his shoulders during his swing is unusually wide, and his wrists are exceptionally strong.

Work on golf fitness exercises that strengthen your core muscles and flexibility; and that increases your wrist strength.

Long Drive Secret #2 — Widen your swing arc

The wider your swing arc, the faster your clubhead will travel through the impact zone.

Lundberg agrees with the old adage that you should keep your left arm straight. Start your backswing with a “low and wide takeaway.” Keep your left arm straight, and be sure that at the top of your swing keep the butt end of the grip as far from your right eat as possible,

All this will help widen your swing arc and increase clubhead speed.

Long Drive Secret #3 — Improve your swing sequence

Lundburg uses the analogy of “cracking a whip” — Grasp the handle of the whip. Move you hand and wrist slowly back toward your body than flick it fast forward coming to an abrupt stop. The end of the whip will snap with tremendous energy.

Lunberg says the same energy transfer takes place in a “properly sequenced downswing/” Energy is transferred from the body through the arms, the hands and wrists, the club and finally the ball. Think of the club shaft as the whip and the clubhead as the tip of the whip.

We can see why Long Drive Champion Sadlowski uses his tremendous flexibility and wrist strength to great advantage in hitting the long ball.

Long Drive Secret #4 — Increase launch

Lundberg says that “high launch and low spin” is the golden formula used by golf club manufacturers to optimize distance. Make sure your driver has the proper launch angle for you by having your driver properly fit.

He also suggests striking the ball on the upswing by teeing it up higher and clipping the ball off the tee through impact. Try to leave the tee in the ground after each swing.

The Maximum Distance DVD

For complete details on PurePoint Golf’s techniques for long drives, get the Maximum Distance DVD. Bobby Eldridge, top teaching pro will show you how to get increased swing speed by creating a longer distance for the club to travel.

He’ll start by helping you find precisely the right grip for you. Then he’ll help you develop round backswings and downswings.

Learn how to maintain a proper swing path…how to put your weight to work for you to achieve proper balance…and the right release for solid contact.

In short, everything you need to know to start hitting the ball farther.

You also get a full set of free bonuses that you can use to lengthen your golf shots.

The next time you’re on the practice range, give these long drive secrets a try.

Hit ’em long,
John Janson

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