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The Perfect Golf Swing – Power Golf Shots Require Proper Leg and Knee Movement

   Jan 21

The Perfect Golf Swing – Power Golf Shots Require Proper Leg and Knee Movement

Power golf shots require a lot of body movements all synchronized in a fluid motion designed to hit the ball squarely with maximum clubhead speed. Power flows from the ground and flows upward through your feet, legs and knees.

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Think about your legs and knees as you address the golf ball. Your knees should be comfortably flexed. Think of a spring slightly flexed. The spring stores power. Your flexed knees store power in your legs.

Don’t flex your knees too much, however. First, it’s a strain on your knees. Second, it puts you in a position likely to hit behind the ball.

If your legs are too straight, you’ll feel stiff through your swing. And you’ll lose power.

Like Goldilocks and the three bears — you want your knee flex to be just right.

Bobby Eldrige, top golf instruction for PurePoint Golf says the proper knee flex is when you feel like you’re leaning your behind against a bar stool with your back and spine straight.

Now let’s think about your legs. Your right leg should remain steady throughout your golf swing.

As you begin your backswing, remember that the right knee should never move from the original position. And both knees should remain flexed during the entire backswing and continue to be flexed until the club strikes the ball. The right knee should not straighten out or bend. Nor should it slide left or right.

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Your feet, legs and knees should be positioned in the right setup. In the Full Swing DVD Bobby demonstrates the correct setup and gives your checkpoints to make sure you’re in the right position at key points during the swing.

That setup automatically puts you in the correct swing plane.

He shows you how to fix the three biggest swing problems of the typical golfer.

Once you’ve learned Bobby’s techniques, you’ll hit the ball farther, with more accuracy and consistency.

The Full Swing DVD comes with a set of bonuses that will help you develop your own perfect golf swing — everything from special practice drills to online breakdown sessions, live teleseminars and interviews. Swing analysis software is another valuable bonus that will help you compare your own golf swing with that of the pro.

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