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The Perfect Golf Swing – Chipping Tip 7: Setup – Backswing Length

   Jan 23

The Perfect Golf Swing – Chipping Tip 7: Setup – Backswing Length

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The following article is presented with permission from PurePoint Golf.

Chipping : Setup – Backswing Length
An article by: Bobby Eldridge

The 8:00 Backswing

The 8:00 Backswing

9:00 In the Backswing

9:00 In the Backswing

Stops Before 8:00

Stops Before 8:00

Clubhead Passes 8:00 Position

Clubhead Passes 8:00 Position

Golf Chipping – The Correct Backswing Length

Now the fun begins. The last parts related to the set-up and now this part relates to how you are going to move the golf club.

This part is going to give you an exact place for you to swing the golf club back to. In chipping you are going to learn one swing and let the club selection control the distance.

Stop at 8 o’clock

The 8:00 backswing will provide you with an exact stopping point at the top of the swing so you can develop consistent distance control.(#18)

At the address position the golf club is at 6:00. As the clubhead starts back the clubhead passes thru 7:00 and as it arrives at 8:00 it will begin to swing back down.

Chipping – Why to Stop at 8 o’clock

Why 8:00 you ask? All you are trying to do is get the golf ball to have enough air time to carry the fringe and then it will run across the green towards the hole like a putt.

If your clubhead reaches 9:00 in the backswing the golf ball will have too much power behind it.(#19) If you strike the golf ball with that much impact it will send the golf ball too far. Another mistake if you swing the club back to 9:00 is the golf club has to slow down in the downswing so you won’t strike the ball too hard. If the clubhead is moving too slowly it is very difficult to make consistent contact.

Chipping – The Common Mistakes

The two common mistakes in the backswing are too short of a backswing or too long of a backswing. If the clubhead stops before 8:00 there will not be enough power in the hit, this will cause you to scoop the golf ball(#20). If the clubhead passes the 8:00 position this will cause you to strike the golf ball too hard or slow the clubhead down at impact. (#21)

Now that you know exactly where to stop the golf club at the top of the backswing let’s move on to the next part-Chopping in the Downswing.

* End of Article *

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