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New Year’s Golf Resolution 2 – Golf Mental Fitness Training

   Jan 03

New Year’s Golf Resolution 2 – Golf Mental Fitness Training

As the New Year 2012 begins I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone the very best of good wishes. May 2012 be a healthy, happy and prosperous year with great golfing to come!

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As the old year draws to a close I like to think back and reflect on what I have learned during the year — and then set down my main resolutions for next year.

Looking back over my golf game last year and what I have learned from watching golf tournaments, reading and writing about golf, I found plenty of room for improvement.

Although many people may think New Year’s Golf resolutions are a waste of time, I still think it’s good to write down what you want to accomplish next year so you can hold yourself accountable.

My aim is to lower my golf score. But rather than set some arbitrary number that I want to achieve, I’d rather establish specific benchmarks that I can measure on a daily basis.

4 New Year’s Golf Resolutions

As I think back on my game and what I have learned over the course of last year, here are my 4 New Year’s Golf resolutions for 2012:

  1. Golf physical fitness training
  2. Golf mental fitness training
  3. Golf swing training
  4. More focused golf practice

The rest of this article outlines my plan for achieving the second golf resolution.

New Year’s Golf Resolution 1 – Golf Mental Fitness Training

If you’re like me, you realize that a large part of the game of golf is mental.

I have come to realize that I can work on my mental game just as I can my physical game. But how do you do golf mental training?

The answer to that question, I think, lies in the teachings of Dr. John Parent, a psychologist and author of Zen Buddhism: Mastering the Mental Game of Golf.

Dr. Parent has teamed up with Bobby Eldridge, top golf instructor for PurePoint Golf in The Swing Keys DVD. They show how to put a better mental game together with a better physical swing.

The result: a better golf swing, lower score and more fun.

Here are some training exercises I have gleaned from Zen Golf that I will include in my training.

Breathing from deep within. How you breathe has a lot to do with whether I can relieve tensions and anxieties in life — and in my golf game. According to Dr. Parent when you breathe from deep within you’ll “feel as if your breath were going into you back, filling it first side to side and then down into your tailbone.”

Breathing from within can affect the tempo of your golf swing. Dr. Parent suggests this routine:

  1. Stand eight or twelve feet in back of the ball, focused on your target and the golf shot you will make.
  2. Take a deep breath from within and exhale completely before you walk up and address the ball. This deep breath is the trigger for you to begin your swing routine, More than anything else, it establishes the tempo for your golf swing.

I do breathing from deep within exercises daily in my home. I can do this sitting or standing. Another exercise is walk through the swing routine described above. Take a breath from deep within and exhale completely before I walk up and stake my stance.

Cultivating and strengthening awareness. Being able to focus on the present moment is a skill that Tiger Woods has developed to an extraordinary degree. According to Dr. Parent you can train yourself to focus on the moment using Buddhist techniques of awareness:

  1. Sit still, erect and quiet for a few minutes.
  2. Breath from deep within and be mindful of your breathing.
  3. Expand your consciousness from what’s close around you to distant vistas to the horizon and sky.

This exercise will help you be aware of the present, this moment, and to block out distractions. For more details, see Zen Golf, pages 70 to 80. Another great resource is Swing Keys DVD.

Zen Golf author John Parent and PurePoint Golf pro Bobby Eldridge team up

Zen Golf’s Dr. Parent and accomplished golf teaching pro Bobby Eldridge teamed together on Swing Keys — a full instructional DVD on how to integrate the mental and physical parts of your golf game.

Tour pros coached in the mental golf game include Ernie Ells, Christie Kerr and Vijay Singh and others. The Golf Channel, CNN, NBC’s Today, ESPN and HBO Sports have featured Dr. Parent.

Bobby Eldridge has taught over 50,000 golfers how to improve their game and lower their scores.

In Swing Keys, Parent and Eldridge demonstrate how the mental and physical golf games should work together for top performance.

Practice awareness, enjoy golf!
John Janson

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