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Golf Stretching Exercises Reduce Injuries, Improve Golf Swings and Extend Golf Careers

   Jan 19

Golf Stretching Exercises Reduce Injuries, Improve Golf Swings and Extend Golf Careers

The perfect golf swing is complex set of movements involving all parts of your body. The golf swing is not a normal movement, and it stretches muscles and tendons in ways that are not part of your normal daily routine.

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That is why stretching exercises are so important. When you play golf with tight muscles you risk injury. When your swing stretches tight muscles too far, inflammation can occur — or worse, small tears. Those injuries can result in pain, medical and rehab treatments. That can also prevent you from playing golf for long periods.

Parts of your body most prone to injury —

  • lower back and core muscles from the sever rotation the hips and core during a swing
  • shoulders and rotator cup muscles from rotation of the arms and shoulders
  • neck muscles from rotation of the arms and shoulder while holding neck steady
  • knees from constant leg twisting motions that occurs during a golf swing and the constant bending and flexing of the knees in lining up putts, marking golf balls, and climbing up and down hills while walking the golf course

It can’t be said enough that golf flexibility exercises are critical in avoiding the risk of golf related injuries.

Not only will you be less injury-prone as a result of stretching exercises, your golf swing will improve and you’ll be making longer and better golf shots.

There’s more. As we age our muscles tend to naturally tighten and muscle tone and elasticity gradually deteriorates due to the aging process. for older golfers it is even more important to practice golf flexibility exercises.

Touring golf professionals know that a long and successful golf career depends upon maintaining their body’s flexibility.

Basic golf flexibility exercises:

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Think flexibility! Practice golf stretching exercises,
John Janson

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