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Tiger Woods Golf Fitness – What Can Average Golfers Learn from Tiger’s Fitness Training?

   Nov 06

Tiger Woods Golf Fitness – What Can Average Golfers Learn from Tiger’s Fitness Training?

Few PGA Tour players are as dedicated to golf fitness training as Tiger Woods. Whether you watch him in a Tour event in person or on TV, you can’t help but be impressed by his physical strength and endurance. His golf swing is legendary — notwithstanding his recent swing change,

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When the cameras zoom in close note the strength that appears in Tiger’s biceps and other muscles in his upper arm and body. These are not bulky muscles, but they are strong and sinewy. The same is true for his forearms.

Tiger’s amazing golf fitness training routine

Tiger’s golf training routine would make most players wilt. His steely discipline and unwavering dedication to training are legendary — “I train hard all the time. I work out as many as six days a week, even when I’m in a tournament,” Tiger wrote on his website. “I view fitness as a long-term strategy for building and maintaining endurance, strength and agility…. I don’t want to concede anything to the competition.”

Tiger trains from two to 10 hours a day and spends as much as seven hours on the golf course hitting balls. When he’s not playing in a tournament, Tiger’s daily golf fitness training begins at 6:30 A.M. and doesn’t end until 7:00 P.M.

Tiger works on muscle tone and flexibility

“I incorporate flexibility training into every every session.” Tiger recognizes that a golf swing is not a natural movement — “flexibility is critical because we contort our bodies in strange ways.”

Flexibility training is even more important as players age. Tiger recognizes that in order to extend his career he will have to continually work on flexibility. “the older we get, the more our muscles lose elasticity, so we’ve got to work even harder…”

Tiger stretches up to 40 minutes before every workout — especially for core strength and flexibility,

Tiger’s golf fitness workout routine

Starting with a run or bike ride for cardio training — Tiger does a speed run of three miles or an endurance run of up to seven miles.

His weight training focuses on building strength, not muscle mass. Tiger lifts “sub-maximal” weights with more repetitions than would a body-builder.

He works on all muscle groups but especially on the back, shoulders and legs. These are critical muscles in maintaining good posture and a strong power base.

Tiger listens to his body to avoid injury

“I know when I can push it and when I need to back off a bit…I train hard but smart.”

Perhaps Tiger didn’t listen to his body when he first injured his knee in training. He has had continual problems ever since in his left knee, and he later experienced problems in his Achilles tendon.

Apparently Tiger has been working on therapy and recuperation following his surgery with the same intensity and dedication as his general fitness training. He claims he is in good physical shape and fully recovered from his knee and tendon problems.

What can average golfers learn from Tiger’s golf fitness training?

Neither you nor I can even begin to follow Tiger’s steely routine — nor should we! After all, we are amateurs — Tiger wants to be the best ever.

Discipline yourself to exercise every week. Work on core strength and flexibility. Include some cardio exercises. If you do want to lift weights, be careful — use light weights with more reps.

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Don’t overdo! Avoid injury. Listen to your body.
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