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Golf Fitness Exercises – Use Resistance Bands to Build Core Strength

   Nov 05

Golf Fitness Exercises – Use Resistance Bands to Build Core Strength

Golf fitness training should be part of every golfer’s life — for many reasons:

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  • Emulate PGA Tour golfers. Golf fitness training has become an important part of the life of PGA Tour players. They train for because it makes them better players. When we emulate them we develop into better players,
  • Develop a better golf swing. Look at PGA Tour players’ golf swings. Their strength and flexibility can be seen in their classic golf swings.
  • Avoid golf injuries. A golf swing stretches muscle groups that are not normally stretched as they are in golf. A golfer with tight muscles in his or her core, and in their upper and lower body, is at greater risk of tearing a muscle in a full golf swing.
  • Increase endurance. Eighteen holes of golf is three or four hours of hard physical play — walking, bending, crouching, swinging golf clubs, bending down to tee up a ball, picking up a ball, carrying a golf bag. If you’re not in shape, your golf game will reflect that as you wear down toward the end of your round.
  • Gain strength. Golf fitness training will build the strength you can draw upon for those tough shots.
  • Hit Longer golf shots. Greater strength and flexibility can increase your clubhead speed resulting in longer golf shots.
  • Feel better. You’ll feel better during your round of golf, and even when you’re not playing golf.
  • Achieve better overall physical condition. You’ll take comfort in knowing that you’re in better physical shape for other activities and sports, and for a better life.

Train at home or in the gym

Some players like to train in the gym. They feel comfortable with all the choices of equipment, the camaraderie of training along with others, and the information resources at the gym.

Golfers can just as easily train at home. To be honest, not a lot of equipment is needed for golf fitness training — resistance bands, light-weight dumbbells, a medicine ball, a floor mat, and hand exercisers are really all the equipment that is needed.

Use resistance bands to build core strength

As an example, you can can use resistance bands to build core strength.

The Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set comes with 5 bands — each with a different resistance.

It also includes two soft-cushioned-foam handles, an ankle strap, a door anchor and a carrying bag.

Begin with a light resistance band, door anchor and handles.

Attach one end of the band to the door. Then attach a handle to the other end. Grip the handle with both hands, arms outstretched horizontally in front of you, perpendicular to the door on your right. Spread your feet shoulder width apart, knees flexed slightly.

Keeping your feet in place, turn your head, shoulders, arms and core to the left as you stretch the band. Feel the resistance of the band against your muscle groups as you turn. Hold that stretched position for few seconds and then turn in the opposite direction. Repeat this band-stretching exercise for ten reps.

Now turn around so that the door is on the left and repeat the band-stretching exercise for ten more reps.

That’s it!

Do this several times a week to build core strength.

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Stay fit, enjoy golf!
John Janson

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