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Precision Chipping – What’s the Best Golf Club for Chipping?

   Jun 28

Precision Chipping – What’s the Best Golf Club for Chipping?

Precision Chipping

Precision chipping can save you a ton of golf shots. How many times have you been close to the green with nothing but a short expanse of smooth fairway between you and the green?

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You pulled out club and stroked a chip that ended far from the hole. After two or even three putts, you end up with a double bogie or worse.

A good chip golf shot flies through air for part of the distance to the pin, and then rolls the remaining distance into the hole. The loft of the chipping club determines how far it flies vs how far it rolls.

Chipping is one of the most neglected golf shots by weekend golfers. Which club should you use? How do you play a chip shot? How is the chip shot different from a pitch shot?

What’s the best golf club for chipping?

There is no simple answer to this question. Different golf pros recommend a variety of chipping clubs. My advice: try different approaches and find the one that works best for you.

Here are three different ways to pick a chipping club:

  1. Choose several irons to use as your golf chipper as needed.
  2. Settle on a single iron and use it use it for every chip shot you make.
  3. Use a specialty golf chipper.

Choose several irons to use as your golf chipper as needed

A typical selection of irons would be 7-, 8- and 9-iron plus wedges. Choose a specific the club based on the location you pick for your landing spot and how far you want the ball to roll. The higher the loft on the club, the farther the ball will fly and the less distance it will roll.

When you practice your chipping shot, practice with your complete selection of golf chippers. You want a consistent chipping swingt –move your arms and club together with little or no wrist hinge. Practice using the natural loft for each club and aim for a consistent stance and address for each club.

Proponents of this approach emphasize the consistent stance, address and swing for all the golf chippers as being easier to learn compared to using a single chipping iron.

Settle on a single iron and use it use it for every chip shot you make

Settle on a single iron, say a 9-iron or pitching wedge. With slight changes in your stance and the way you address the ball, you can add loft to get more ball flight compared to roll, or deloft the clubface to get less ball flight and more roll.

Practice with this single golf chipper until you can make a variety of chipping shots. Proponents of this approach feel they can more easily master chip shots with one club rather than having master several different chipping clubs.

Choose a specialty golf chipper

You can buy an iron that was designed for nothing but chipping. Since you can have only 14 clubs in your bag in a tournament, you’ll have to decide what club to give up so you can take a specialty golf chipper.

Most tour pros don’t use the specialty chipper, but weekend golfers often find it easier to use — especially for shots that are relatively close to the green.
The Texan Classics Chipperfrom Amazon is relatively inexpensive and has mostly favorable reviews.

“Never fluff a chip shot again,” the claim for this club, may be a bit of a stretch.

But the heft shape of the clubhead makes this chipper more like a strong putter with loft.

“Saved my short game,” remarked one reviewer. “Great little chipper,” commented another. “Good little utility club,” said a California golfer. “Terrific stroke saver,” observed a Texas golfer.

The Odyssey X-Act Chipper has more features — including a urethane insert on the clubface to enhance distance control and feel for both long and short shots.

Odyssey claims the X-Act can be used for the high pitch shot from 15 yards off the green, the chip from 3-5 yards off the green and the bump and run from just off the green.

So which is the best chipping iron?

I think it is a matter of personal choice. Which approach do your feel more comfortable with? To help you choose, try them all on the practice green. Which gives you the best feel? Which makes your the most confident that you’ll get closest to the pin?

Once you choose your chipping iron — practice. Then work on your pitch shots.

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Chip well. Save strokes.
John Janson

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