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Fix My Golf Swing

   Mar 08

Fix My Golf Swing

What do Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Mike Weir, Lee Westwood and you and I share in common? First of all, we have a love for the game of golf. Now you and I may not be top professional golfers like Tiger and Phil, but we enjoy playing golf. Second, we all (including the pros) need help to “fix my golf swing.”

Fix Your Golf Swing – Satisfaction Guaranteed

Yes, even Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson need help. So they hire top golf coaches to stand beside them and help them fix their golf swing. But if you’re like me, you can’t afford that kind of personal at-your-side golf coach. So what can we do? Go for the best alternative to a personal golf swing coach — one that offers:–

  • personal golf swing instruction via Internet
  • top-notch instruction by a team of expert golf teaching pros
    at an affordable price
  • teleseminars and interviews
  • a community of golfers like you and me who share learning experiences and tips
  • a rich library of golf instructional materials and articles
  • practice drills to correct the mechanics of our golf swing
  • checksheets to measure our progress
  • private stat tracker
  • and much more

Learn at your own pace.

For Internet-savy golfers, the ability to tap into a great golf instruction program on the net whenever you want give you unprecedented flexibility.

As you sit at home anticipating those beautiful days out on your favorite golf course, grab your computer and mentally work on your golf swing. Prepare yourself¬† to spend productive time at the driving range — knowing exactly how to practice, what to look for, and how to judge whether your swing is in the groove.

It you are planning a business trip, throw into your computer case one of the best golf instructional DVDs on a perfect golf swing available. While you are in a hotel or airplane flight on a business trip and your thoughts turn to visions of yourself on the golf course — read an article on how to fix that glitch in your backswing.¬† Replay the segments that you are working on, and study them as you have time.

No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate,
or advanced golfer — you can improve your golf game.

If you are a beginning golfer, you really need to get some sound golf instruction. A good golf swing does not come naturally.¬† It is not like a baseball swing where you pick up your left foot, step toward your target and swing a bat hard at a moving ball. It is not like croquet or cricket or polo. A good golf swing is the result of applying some basic techniques. Start with the fundamentals. Here’s a system when you can learn from the beginning. Then practice, practice, practice.

As your swing improves, so will your game improve. You will want to work on various aspects of the game — short game, bunker shots, pitch and chip shots, and long irons and drives. This system helps you develop all aspects of your game.

Even if you have been playing golf for many years and feel confident in your game, there is always room for improvement. Step back and analyze your swing with the help of experienced teachers. You can do this over the internet with this system.

As you watch golf tournaments on TV or in person,
analyze the swing of the best players.

Compare the golf swings of the pros to what you are learning in this system. How well do the pros apply the principles you are learning?

Remember that every one of the best players depends on advice from their good coaches. Examine the fundamental components of their swing — their grip, their stance, their posture while addressing the ball, their backswing, downswing and follow-through. Make mental notes and compare their swings to what you are learning in this system. This is a good way to reinforce in your mind’s eye what makes a good golf swing.

Enjoy the wonderful game of golf!

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get after a good golf swing and seeing your ball follow exactly in the trajectory you envisioned. The beauty of the course, your personal satisfaction, the camaraderie — all merge into one of those unforgettable moments. Enjoy!

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Best wishes,
John Janson

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